TanGo Oil tanning spray 1+1 gratis


TanGo Oil tanning spray 1+1 gratis
Faster, bronzier and more intense tanning
Vegan product - wonderful smell - paraben and sulfate free
  • For an intense bronzed glow without a sunbed
  • Wonderful fruity smell
  • Leaves no orange stains, streaks, or blotches
  • Non-greasy texture that absorbs in seconds
  • Natural ingredients for faster tanning
  • 150 ml
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Faster, bronzier and more intense tanning | Vegan product – wonderful smell – paraben and sulfate free

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Natural, affordable & skin-friendly
Achieve the tan of your dreams!

For best results, we recommend generously spraying the TanGo Oil all over your skin. Gently massage it into your body without missing any spots. It will envelop you in an intoxicating cloud of tropical scents that will lighten your mood in seconds. 😊

Your skin won't feel sticky and greasy. Instead, it will become incredibly soft and moisturized, the perfect conditions for developing a seductive tan.

After the oil soaks in, it's time to enjoy the sun on your skin. Don't forget that the sun is the strongest between 11 AM and 4 PM. Make sure to stay in the shade, drink plenty of water and stay cool. 🍹

Don't worry, your tan will develop even if you chill under trees or the skies are overcast – there's simply no stopping our dreamy formula. 😍

Clean, natural beauty – no parabens, sulfates, or other nasties.

Mazzaci's tanning products are not tested on animals and contain the best natural ingredients.

Superb Carrot Oil Extract
The best known natural suntan accelerator. Proven to contain high levels of provitamin A, this liquid gold is also rich in antioxidants that help the skin rejuvenate from sun exposure.

Rich Walnut Oil
This amber-colored liquid is full of natural antioxidants that will protect your skin from daily stress and aid wound healing. The high content of omega fatty acids makes walnut oil the perfect natural skin softener.

Hydrating Coconut Oil
A true skincare superhero, coconut oil is ideal for treating dry skin, which is often the result of tanning. It will prevent moisture loss and protect your skin from unpleasant tightening and peeling.

Nourishing Olive Oil
Excellent natural ingredient, known since ancient times. Olive oil softens, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your skin, helping it gain softness and elasticity. Creates perfect conditions for a stunning, bronzy tan.

Anti-aging Cocoa Butter
Its Greek name Theobroma marks cocoa as the "food of the gods". When it comes to skincare, it has no trouble upholding its divine status. Its hydrating and antioxidant abilities will improve your skin tone and elasticity.


In the heart of a lush Slovenian forest, there lived a young beauty named Maja. She had always loved being in the sun and cherished the golden glow it gave her skin. The radiant girl was determined to capture the sun's rays in a bottle and decided to create a natural tanning product.

Maja spent years studying the ingredients and properties of various plants and herbs, experimenting with different combinations and formulations. She believed that nature held the key to unlocking a beautiful, healthy tan, free from harsh chemicals and artificial dyes.

Eventually, Maja created a range of natural products that became hugely popular among her friends and family. Encouraged by their feedback, she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched her own brand: Mazzaci.

Using only the finest natural ingredients, Mazzaci's skincare line soon gained a reputation for its gentle yet effective formulas that delivered a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Customers loved the way their skin looked and felt after using Mazzaci's products – soft, bronzy, and glowing with health.

As the brand grew, Maja remained committed to her values of sustainability, animal-friendliness, and respect for nature. Today, Mazzaci is one of the leading natural skincare and haircare brands, trusted by thousands of customers around the world who share Maja's belief in the power of nature to create beautiful, healthy skin and hair.
Where is TanGo Oil made?
We fish sunrays and bottle them on the sunny side of the Alps. ⛰️ In Slovenia. (EU)

Will this enticing bronzy tan last longer than my nail polish?
Do you even use a topcoat? 💅🏽 Hey, we’re just joking … with regular use of the TanGo bronzing cream, beautiful, sun-kissed skin is sure to last longer than your manicure.

I always use all the hot water in the shower. Is my tan going to wash out?
Of course not! All you have to do is apply TanGo Oil after the shower. That’s how you’ll keep your summer glow, plus hydrate and nourish dry skin. You get to keep the tan while your skin stays healthy. 😊

Can I use the TanGo Oil in the sunbed?
Of course, when used with a tanning bed, the oil will help you produce an even darker tan while protecting your skin from drying.

How do I use TanGo Oil during colder months? ❄️
Believe it or not, summer is not the only time for a perfect tan. Treating yourself with TanGo Oil after every shower will deepen your skin tone even during the winter, as it contains walnut and carrot extracts.

I hate synthetic skincare; it irritates my skin! How is TanGo Oil formulated?
Don't worry! TanGo Oil is natural, without any irritating chemical preservatives and stabilizers. Our mission is to offer transparent skincare with impressive and visible effects.

My boyfriend is nibbling on my neck and making hickeys. Is it safe?
If he doesn’t bite too hard, it’s probably ok. The TanGo Oil is natural, and your boyfriend is safe if he’s not allergic to its natural ingredients. P. S. Use the cold spoon trick. Place it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then press its entire surface against his love bite. 🧛🏻

I’ve read that too much sunbathing speeds up aging? Does it really?
Supposedly, nothing ages your skin faster than the rays of the sun we all love so much. ☀️
SO, if you really adore the seductive tanned look with a bronzy gleam and want to avoid the glaring sun, we recommend you use the TanGo tanning oil.

I'm allergic to almost all sunscreens. What to do?
TanGo Oil contains no sunscreen. As it’s made of natural ingredients, we advise you to carefully read the list of ingredients before applying it and check if you’re allergic to any of them.

I mostly work in the sun – does TanGo Oil contain any UV protection?
TanGo Oil is made to help you tan faster, which means it doesn’t protect against harmful sun rays. These are the most intense between 11 AM and 4 PM – during this time, it's best to keep away from direct sunlight, stay in the shade, and drink plenty of water.

Maybe we didn’t foresee your question in the large crystal ball we borrowed from the local fortune-teller 🔮; however, we are specialized to create an excellent line of tanning products.

Send your question our way at [email protected] or grab your phone and dial 349-7981-532. We’ll be happy to answer.
Because we care
Cruelty free
All natural
Wonderful smell
Made in EU