Self-tanning spray TanGlow


Self-tanning spray TanGlow
Effortlessly blends with every skin tone
Gradual tan - Sunless tanning - No orange

Skincare meets self-tan: Unique hydrating TanGlow formula for a natural, gradual glowing bronze look of skin.

  • Effective, sunless tanning
  • Active hydrating hylauronic acid
  • For an instant glowing look
  • No stains or orange tones
  • Super lightweight, non-sticky
  • 150ml
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Effortlessly blends with every skin tone|Gradual tan – Sunless tanning – No orange

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Step 1: To achieve an even result, treat yourself to a luxurious exfoliaton routine before applying TanGlow. Use a gentle scrub or peeling and prepare your skin to soak in the tan! This step can be done one day ahead.

Step 2: Hold the spray bottle 20–30 cm from your face. Spray abundantly, pressing the pump about 10–15 times moving a circular motion. Gently pat into face with hands or cotton pad. Apply to the neck, décolletage and arms in the same way. Use our microfbre glove for the best result.

Step 3: It's time to wait, as your tan will develop in 4–6 hours. If you hate waiting as much as we do, take a nap or read a good book. We suggest snapping some before photos to compare with the results of your glow up.

Step 4: Love the skin you're in! Complete the look with a bit of hightlighter or blush, and snap the after picture. Post to your social media with the #TanGlow and don't forget to tag us @mazzaci.


Made from sugarcane, DHA is a natural ingredient that colors the skin's top layer caramel brown without any dangerous sun exposure.


Number one skin superstar ingredient: works as a humectant, drawing moisture into your skin, making it plumper and fresh-looking. Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Calming, soothing and hydrating: the magical trio of aloe benefits that will help your skin achieve that ethereal glow.




In the heart of a lush Slovenian forest, there lived a young beauty named Maja. She had always loved being in the sun and cherished the golden glow it gave her skin. The radiant girl was determined to capture the sun's rays in a bottle and decided to create a natural tanning product.

Maja spent years studying the ingredients and properties of various plants and herbs, experimenting with different combinations and formulations. She believed that nature held the key to unlocking a beautiful, healthy tan, free from harsh chemicals and artificial dyes.

Eventually, Maja created a range of natural products that became hugely popular among her friends and family. Encouraged by their feedback, she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched her own brand: Mazzaci.

Using only the finest natural ingredients, Mazzaci's skincare line soon gained a reputation for its gentle yet effective formulas that delivered a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Customers loved the way their skin looked and felt after using Mazzaci's products – soft, bronzy, and glowing with health.

As the brand grew, Maja remained committed to her values of sustainability, animal-friendliness, and respect for nature. Today, Mazzaci is one of the leading natural skincare and haircare brands, trusted by thousands of customers around the world who share Maja's belief in the power of nature to create beautiful, healthy skin and hair.

We're here for you 😊 Ask us anything, and we'll happily answer 😊 Check if we've read your mind and already answered your question here:

I have extremely sensitive skin and I can't handle the sticky feeling of most creams. Does TanGlow make your skin feel sticky after application?
No worries, TanGlow definitely doesn't make your skin feel sticky! It's so neutral, that you almost forget you've used it – of course this is impossible, since your nicely tanned skin will catch everyone's eye. 😉

I'm a big fan of tattoos, and have lots of them myself... Can TanGlow damage my tattoos?
Can you show us? 😉 Haha, just kidding. Don't worry! TanGlow is a totally natural product, without aggressive chemicals. It's also cruelty-free, so it also doesn't hurt tattoos. 🥰

My boyfriend and I have reserved a jacuzzi pampering session. Will TanGlow wash off in the hot-tub?
Tooooop, enjoy it to the max! 🤩 It definitely won't wash off. TanGlow is extremely durable. You can take a very hot shower and you won't lose your beautiful TanGlow tan. 🥰

Will my bedsheets stain after using TanGlow?
Absolutely NOT. Although, be careful to follow the instructions. Apply TanGlow a few hours before bedtime, let it do its magic, then rinse. If you follow these instructions, your bedsheets won't stain at all. 😄 Good night. 😴

I have a very fair complexion. Will TanGlow work for me?
TanGlow loves all skin types and complexions, it doesn't discriminate. OFCOURSE there will be a visible change even with a fair complexion. Have a GO with it! 🤩

Because we care
Cruelty free
All natural
Wonderful smell
Made in EU